Kesher is ‘connection’ and it’s about connecting PeerCorps alums and friends in grades 8th-10th to Detroit, one another, and service opportunities. Kesher participants, affectionately known as ‘Kesher kids’ are invited to sign up for once a month programs mostly on Sundays. Some examples of our Kesher programs in this past year:

Kesher Sites:

Eden Gardens Block Club was created through a partnership with the Downtown Synagogue. This faith-based garden has the express purpose of growing relationships between two communities: the predominantly African-American Eden Gardens Block Club, and the Downtown Synagogue Jewish community. Kesher will garden alongside community members.

Clark Park has sports and arts programming all year round for more than 1,200 youth in the Southwest Detroit neighborhood.  It operates the only regulation-sized outdoor ice hockey rink in Metro Detroit, has soccer fields, baseball fields, and a garden. Kesher will work alongside neighborhood youth in park maintenance and assist the Clark Park Coalition with whatever tasks they are working on.

Ile Oko, which mean ‘House of Agriculture’ in the Yoruba language, is a community garden in Jefferson Chalmers on the border of Detroit and Grosse Pointe. A leader in the urban agriculture movement, Lorenzo Herron and his family are homesteading their property and cultivating a community space a few blocks away as a demonstration of alternative energy, food sovereignty and community building. Here, Kesher will help Lorenzo with gardening and upkeeping the space.

MISSION: City is a community space in Brightmoor offering after school activities for youth from the neighborhood. Housed in City Covenant Church’s space, Mission City serves as a safe hub for youth in the Brightmoor neighborhood. Kesher will help with Monday night youth programming: tutoring one and one and arts and crafts.